RMK Gloss Lip N


RMK Gloss Lips N is a lip gloss, which new director Kaori keep this product. 

CL-01 Clear Peach
CL-02 Clear Orange
P-01 White Pink
P-02 Coral Pink
P-04 Silver Pink Beige
P-05 Coral Orange
P-06 Sheer Gold
P-08 Nutral Beige
P-09 Coral
P-10 Red
P-11Coral Beige
P-12 Sheer Orange
H-03 Holographic Strawberry Pink
H-04 Holographic Pink
H-05 Holographic Orange
H-06 Holographic Rose Beige
SH-01 Shiny Clear White
SH-02 Shiny Clear Pink
SH-03 Shiny Clear Orange
SH-04 Shiny Red


Price; USD55 (Shipping Cost USD15)

Made in Japan

The shipping cost is included.
The customs charges are not included.
We don’t accept refund or return after your payment. We inspect each item for quality before shipping it safety to you.

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